Simran 2017 300MB Hindi 480p BRRip Hevc MKv Xvid

Simran 2017 300MB HindiSimran 2017 300MB Hindi 480p BRRip, A Gujarati housekeeping lady in the US allows ambition to get the better of her & gets involved in a world of crime. Simran is a racy, fun film with Kangana Ranaut playing the titular role.

Besides the premise, everything else about the film is improbable. The writing falters in parts and naturally the execution follows. The way Praful goes about robbing banks and gets away scot-free, even after leaving her finger prints all over and notes scribbled with lipstick seems unbelievable. The media brands her the ‘lipstick bandit’, and the Atlanta cops and the victimised bank employees seem like a bunch of jokers, who keep harping on the fearless bandit’s modus operandi, and yet, they fail to foil the half-a-dozen heists! It is almost like Hansal Mehta is attempting a comic story. Nothing wrong there, but if is a tale that is being recounted in lighter vein, then it should have at least made the audience laugh some more.

Simran 2017 300MB Hindi 480p BRRip

Simran 2017 300MB Hindi 480p BRRip

Genres:  CrimeDramaRomance

Language: Hindi

File Size: 380 MB

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